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Concise Legacy

   "And we shall wake up from this life suddenly as we wake up from a dream" "A reminder to keep our intentions in check and always pray to Allah to accept our acts"   "Thought provoking: Ibn Mas'ud said each and every person in this world is like a guest and his wealth is only on loan. The guest leaves and the loan is eventually repaid." "Love for this world is why people do despicable things all in the name of being successful or making history in the world"  "Hoping is only after you've done all you could in your own capacity." "Contentment is accepting Allah's will. It makes situations bearable for us rather that strain us mentally.  Humans are not equipped with unraveling why things happen, not being content exposes our mental weakness." "Allah is more deserving of our love than any lover or even our own mother." Review  by Sis Mutiat Akobi

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