BismiLLAhir Rahmanir Raheem!

Read in the name of your Lord.." Qur'an 96:1

The desire for knowledge, like the thirst of riches, increases ever with the acquisition  of it. As Muslim women, who love to read, we make it an obligation to seek the right knowledge with authentic source, for our personal GROWTH, solely to serve Allaah, while striving to be the BEST version of ourselves, In Shaa Allaah!

Read and Reflect reading book REVIEW club is created to acquire knowledge on purpose to strive towards our PURPOSE to attain the main PURPOSE of our existence in life and hereafter by Allaah Rahmah.

It is a community of striving Muslim women, we come together to gain positive ENERGY, Vitality, SPIRITUAL connection and THRIVE as the BEAUTIFUL women that they are!

Our objective  is to READ, and DISCUSS our views on what is READ, to REFLECT and LEARN...Bi Idnillah.

We are adopting the CAROUSEL BRAINSTORMING method, without violating Allaah's RULE. Every activity is resolved with the scope of Islaam(The Qur'an and Sunnah, as well as the teachings of the Saalaf). AlhamdilLah.

Ours is not a woo-woo motivation; The group is for SISTERS who are

Ready to create time out of their busy schedules to purposelly elevate themselves via reading and ACTING upon that which is right for Allaah's sake.

Those who know that we all have unique potentials, and are ready to be tolerant without violating the CONDUCT of a Muslimah.

Go on the journey   with Ummuh Aiman and her closed circle. 


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